Roughly ten years ago Gerben Houwer (We vs. Death) wrote the first The Fire Harvest song. After a first EP in 2012, two European tours and a Record Store Day split-7″ with Belgian band Reiziger, this spring this Utrecht-based band’s debut album will be released.

For recording ‘Singing, Dancing, Drinking’ Daniel Romano and Kenneth Meehan joined the band in the studio. Guitarist Nicolai Adolfs met the duo at a show in Duisburg, where Romano turned out to be interested in producing the album. A few weeks later, eight tracks were recorded.

The sound of the band reminds of the glory days of (alt)country, slowcore and (post)punk; a time in which the bandmembers were formed musically. The eight songs on the album are featured by a modest but dynamic character. Two of the Dutch leading labels, Snowstar and Subroutine Records, team up for the first time for the release of the album.